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Stolen Wages Settlement


Welcome to our first Stolen Wages Settlement email update.

You are receiving this email as you have registered as a claimant (workers under the Stolen Wages practices) or registered representative (for deceased claimants) for the Stolen Wages Class Action and have provided your email address as part of the registration process. We will be sending you regular email updates on the progress of the settlement, so please contact us if you change your email address. If you know of a claimant or registered representative that hasn’t provided their email address, please ask them to contact the Stolen Wages Information Centre (see contact details below).

Settlement approved

In September 2019, the Queensland Government agreed to settle the Stolen Wages Class Action for $190 million and the settlement was approved by the Federal Court on 17 January 2020. The Settlement Distribution Scheme sets out how the settlement monies are to be paid and Anthony Beven and Tony Jonsson from Grant Thornton in Cairns have been appointed to administer the scheme.

Registrations for the Stolen Wages Settlement monies are now closed and no late applications can be accepted.


Checking claims— verification

Grant Thornton cannot access the Stolen Wages settlement monies until after the Federal Court appeal period expires on 6 March 2020. As soon as the appeal period expires, Grant Thornton will be checking the registrations and eligibility for over 12,000 claimants.

Following the verification process, Grant Thornton will calculate how much will be paid to each claimant or registered representative and individual distribution statements will be issued. Claimants or registered representatives are able to request a review of their distribution statement.

After all reviews are finalised payments will be made as quickly as possible.



Meet Regan from Grant Thornton’s Stolen Wages Information Centre

Regan is a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman with connections up to Hammond Island, Thursday Island, and North-Western New South Wales.

“I recently had the privilege of meeting and listening to the journey of Uncle Hans Pearson and John Bottoms from Bottoms English Lawyers. Currently I’m working in the Information Centre where I get to listen to people share their stories while I update their details and provide information on the Stolen Wages Settlement.



What you need to do

Claimants (workers under the Stolen Wages practices) and registered representatives for claimants that have passed away, need to provide Grant Thornton’s Stolen Wages Information Centre with details to support their claim. This includes:

  • The name of both the claimant and if applicable, the registered representative/s
  • Date of birth of the claimant
  • Whether the claimant is male or female
  • The bank account details of the claimant or if applicable, the registered representative/s
  • Ethnicity—whether the claimant is or was Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (cannot be both)
  • Identification i.e. approved photo ID of the claimant or if applicable, the registered representative/s.

If you haven’t already provided the above information and documents please contact the Stolen Wages Information Centre. More detailed information, including answers to some of the frequently asked questions, is also available on the Stolen Wages Settlement website,


Timeline for payments (indicative)

  • 6 March 2020: Appeal period closes
  • March – Sept 2020: Grant Thornton will verify all registered claims and their eligibility
  • 6 September 2020: Distribution statements sent to all claimants with an estimate of payment
  • 6 December 2020: Payments made to claimants



Stolen Wages Information Centre

[email protected]
1300 591 545 (9am-5pm weekdays)