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Stolen Wages Settlement

Update 5, 17 April 2020

Welcome to our fifth Stolen Wages Settlement email update to claimants (workers under the Stolen Wages practices) and registered representatives (for deceased claimants).

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Meet Zoe from the Stolen Wages Information Centre

Zoe studies law and commerce, majoring in accounting at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Zoe is the Stolen Wages representative for our Brisbane office where she works Wednesdays during the university term. Zoe’s family is from Croatia and she loves to travel to visit her extended family in Europe whenever she can. Due to coronavirus Zoe is living and working in Cairns for the time being where she spends her time swimming, playing the piano and having quality family time.

“Having been involved in the Stolen Wages case for over 6 months, I have developed a passion for the type of work we do and the wonderful people I get to talk to everyday”

Claim statements are being posted

All claimants and registered representatives of claimants that have passed away will shortly receive a claim statement. Hard copies of claim statements are now being mailed to the postal address provided for each person. This is a very important document and you will need to read it carefully and in full.

A sample claim statement can be viewed on the Stolen Wages Settlement website under the Updates tab.

The claim statement is to confirm your details and does not mean that you will receive a payment. Once the details of all registered claims are confirmed we will assess the eligibility of all claims and determine who is eligible to receive a payment.

Please carefully check your claim statement. If any details are incorrect, have changed or are missing, the correct information can be provided by completing the relevant fields on the claim statement, signing the document and returning it to the Stolen Wages Information Centre.

Please retain a copy of the claim statement for your records as we will not return them to you once you send them to the Stolen Wages Information Centre.

Over 3,000 people have not provided a mailing address. The Stolen Wages Information Centre will attempt to contact these people where phone or email addresses have been provided.

No change to settlement timelines

The Stolen Wages Settlement process has a defined timeline as set out in the Settlement Distribution Scheme approved by the Federal Court. The timeline is as follows:

  • Before 6 September 2020 - distribution statements will be sent to eligible claimants and eligible registered representatives.
  • Before the 6 December 2020 – Payments will be made to the registered bank accounts of eligible claimants and eligible registered representatives.

At this stage, the Coronavirus restrictions are not expected to change the timeline set by the Federal Court. Payments will not be made earlier as a result of the restrictions. People experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the Coronavirus restrictions should contact Centrelink or go to​ for support packages and assistance provided by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

Don't forget to...

Claimants and registered representatives for claimants that have passed away, need to provide the Stolen Wages Information Centre with details to support their claim. This includes:

  • The name of both the claimant and if applicable, the registered representative/s
  • Date of birth of the claimant
  • Whether the claimant is male or female
  • The bank account details of the claimant or if applicable, the registered representative/s
  • Ethnicity—whether the claimant is or was Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (cannot be both)
  • Identification i.e. approved photo ID of the claimant or if applicable, the registered representative/s (see the website for what ID is acceptable).

If you haven’t already provided the above information and documents please contact the Stolen Wages Information Centre.

Our website - - is the place to go to for accurate and up to date information.





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