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Stolen Wages Settlement

Update 6, 1 May 2020

Welcome to our sixth Stolen Wages Settlement email update to claimants (workers under the Stolen Wages practices) and registered representatives (for deceased claimants).


Meet Jonathon from the Stolen Wages Information Centre

Many of you will already know Jonathon as he worked at Bottoms English Lawyers from January 2017 on the Stolen Wages Class Action. He helped many people to register their claims. Jonathan has transferred from Bottoms English Lawyers to the Stolen Wages Information Centre and brings with him a lot of knowledge that will assist us in managing the payments to claimants and registered representatives.

Jonathon grew up in the highlands of Papua New Guinea then moved to Australia to complete his high school studies. Jonathon lived abroad for several years and also lived in remote Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Jonathon is an avid hiker, loves adventure and produces music in his spare time.

Claim statements have been posted

Claim statements have now been posted to all claimants and registered representatives of claimants that have passed away. This is a very important document and you will need to read it carefully and in full.

The claim statement is to confirm your details and does not mean that you will receive a payment. Once the details of all registered claims are confirmed we will assess the eligibility of all claims and determine who is eligible to receive a payment.

Please carefully check your claim statement. If any details are incorrect, have changed or are missing, the correct information can be provided by completing the relevant fields on the claim statement, signing the document and returning it to the Stolen Wages Information Centre.

If all your details are correct and complete, you do not have to return the claim statement.

Bank account details on claim statements

Please note that the claim statement incorrectly states that the four digits are the last four digits of the bank account. The four digits are actually the first four digits. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

If a claimant or registered representative needs to register or change their bank account details, they must complete the Bank account details form attached to the claim statement.

Don't forget to...

Claimants and registered representatives for claimants that have passed away, need to provide the Stolen Wages Information Centre with details to support their claim. This includes:

  • The name of both the claimant and if applicable, the registered representative/s
  • Date of birth of the claimant
  • Whether the claimant is male or female
  • The bank account details of the claimant or if applicable, the registered representative/s
  • Ethnicity—whether the claimant is or was Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (cannot be both)
  • Identification i.e. approved photo ID of the claimant or if applicable, the registered representative/s (see the website for what ID is acceptable).

If you haven’t already provided the above information and documents please contact the Stolen Wages Information Centre.

No information, no payment

We cannot make payments to people that have not provided all of the required information and documents. You will also not receive updates and important documents such as your claim statement and distribution statement.

  • 2,143 people have not provided a postal address
  • Over 1,210 claimant records do not have a complete date of birth recorded
  • 3,582 people have not provided us with their bank account details
  • 10,541 people have not provided an acceptable identification document (photo ID).

The next important document that claimants and registered representatives of deceased claimants will receive is a distribution statement. It is due to be posted by 6 September 2020. The distribution statement will include whether a claimant or registered representative is eligible to receive a payment and how much they will be paid. To ensure you are eligible and receive your distribution statement, please make sure all your details are up‑to‑date and correct and you have provided your photo ID to the Stolen Wages Information Centre well before 31 August 2020.

Our website - - is the place to go to for accurate and up to date information.





Stolen Wages Information Centre

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 591 545 (9am-5pm weekdays)
Post: PO Box 7200, CAIRNS QLD 4870

Fax: 07 3222 0447